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  • Venmar Fan Motor

    There was some great discussion around the Venmar fan motors going out for many homeowners.  Please visit the facebook post for more information.  Many homeowners are not running them, but please remember that as homes are more airtight with new building standards the Venmar system provides critical air circulation.  Some individuals have had success replacing only the motor while others have had to replace the entire assembly.

  • AC Capacitor

    August of 2012 my air conditioner stopped working.  Over time it took longer and longer for the fan to start turning.  Eventually the only way to get the motor to start was by spinning the fan manually.  I was able to determine it was the start up capacitor for the motor and only a $10 fix.  If you have no electrical experience I wouldn’t suggest trying this yourself as the capacitor can still hold a strong charge and should be discharged first.