• 2015 Annual Meeting

    Thanks to all homeowners who attended the 2015 annual homeowners association meeting!  We have two new board members: Beth Guyer who will be replacing Greg Breuckman as Vice President and Jessica Martin who will be replacing Jason Erdman as Treasurer.  A special thanks to Greg and Jason for their hard work and dedication over the past two years!

    Topics Discussed

    1. Mailbox Stands: There was some discussion about what order to replace mailboxes in and if they should be replaced at all.  One homeowner believed that mailbox replacement should be up to each individual homeowner.  The board of directors disagrees with this and will replace the ones in need of repair at this time and hold a board meeting to discuss expanded replacement.  The homeowner also stated they believed there was some federal law restricting the board from replacing the mailboxes.  The board of directors believes this is without merit.
    2. Pond: One homeowner was concerned that the association should be responsible for the noxious weeds around the pond.  According to the operation and maintenance agreement for between the Oaks of Savannah and Champlin Outlot B shall be dedicated to the City of Champlin and maintained by the Oaks of Savannah Homeowner’s Association, so there is some merit to this claim.  The responsibilities of the Oaks of Savannah Homeowner’s Association as defined by the operation and maintenance agreement for Outlot B seems to be overly burden, to the point as it should be addressed with the City of Champlin.  The association will contact the city to determine if we can reach to an agreement on a solution.  If this requires an update to the budget it will come as a special assessment to the homeowners directly benefiting from it.  Grants will be investigated as an option under the Champlin ERC grant program.
    3. Boulevard Hedges: Everyone agreed with replacing the first set of hedges (Redtwigged Dogwood/Cornus Sericea) that have died with sod.
    4. Annual Dues: During the meeting it was suggested that raising the association dues for 2016 would be appropriate considering how tight the budget is.  Raising of dues and the amount to be raised will be a topic of the next board meeting.
    5. Association Management Company: One of the homeowners initiated a discussion about turning over the daily management to an association management company.  The board was not in agreement with this request so it will not move forward at this time.  This issue will be tabled until the first meeting of the new board members, but there is currently no support for this with the new board members.

    Board Members Present: Jon Lokken (President), Greg Breuckman->Beth Guyer (Vice President), Jason Erdman->Jessica Martin (Treasurer)

    Homeowners Present:  956 Creekwood Dr N, 1108 Creekwood Dr N, 1113 Creekwood Dr N

  • 2014 Annual Meeting

    Tonight our annual home owners association meeting was held at the Champlin library 7:00-8:00 pm.  Thanks to those who attended!  We discussed topics in the annual newsletter including the pond, 2014 proposed budget, staining the mailbox posts, and mulch around the trees.

    Jon Lokken, Jason Erdman

  • Board Meeting 12-7-2013

    During this meeting we discussed where our annual HOA meeting would be held, when dues were due Feb15th, and how to best address past dues.

    We also discussed the budget, what we would like to achieve,and how we could get there within the constraints of the current budget. We decided we should address the late dues with urgency, because maintenance on the mailboxes stands is much overdue. This was our largest concern going into 2014 and would take priority over other items based on our recovery schedule.

    The pond area was extensively discussed as we are limited based on the constraints set by the city regarding spraying. We will continue to work on an agreement in the best interest of both.

    Jon Lokken, Greg Breuckman, Jason Erdman